Churches | Defending Life & Legacy

We could not possibly carry out our work without the support and prayers of our local churches (of all denominations), that share one common bond - the Truth that human life is sacred from the moment of conception and worthy of all dignity, respect and protection.

Our faithful Church partners make all the difference in keeping our doors open and helping us serve God’s people, born and unborn. We couldn’t be more grateful!

Partnership with our local churches also increases our exposure enabling us to get the word out about our life saving ministry. We are here to serve, and the more people that know about us, the more women and families we can help, the more babies we can save.

HOW YOUR CHURCH CAN Partner with our Ministry

The Baby Bottle campaign is perfect for your church, school, youth group or any organization that would like to play an active role in supporting our ministry. The Baby Bottle Campaign serves a twofold purpose.

  1. A Baby Bottle with our contact information is an open invitation for anyone that may need our free & confidential services.
  2. The funds raised play a tremendous role in helping us provide our free services

It’s Easy!

The Baby Bottle Blessings fundraiser can be conducted any time of year but it can be very meaningful when tied into the liturgical calendar or certain months/events that celebrate Life. Some ideas:

  1. Mother’s Day
  2. October – Respect Life Month
  3. January – Sanctity of Life Sunday
  4. Advent
  5. Lent

How it Works

1. Determine how many bottles will be distributed; one per family, student, etc.

2. Decide which time of year bottles will go out and pick a return date; usually 2-4 weeks after distribution

3. On the day of distribution, Life Choices can provide a speaker for all services

4. Upon request, Life Choices will provide flyers to take home; explaining our ministry and the fundraiser

5. Life Choices can provide fully processed bottles with tags, ribbons

6. OR the students can process the bottles as a group if they need service hours, etc.

7. Bottles are returned/collected at the church, school, etc. A Life Choices representative will pick them up and return them to the Center where the proceeds will be counted in house by Life Choices volunteers. All families who participated and shared their contact information will receive thank you letters. All donations are tax deductible. In addition, a Thank You will be placed in the bulletin.

8. Every donation, no matter how small, makes a huge difference!

We could not carry out the work of this ministry without the support of our local churches.

Thank you for partnering with us in our mission to promote the value, dignity and beauty of Life by serving, protecting and defending the innocent child in the womb along with her mother and family.

If you are interested in becoming a supporting church, call the office at 772-871-2211.