All our services are free and confidential

Pregnancy Tests

Performed by our licensed Registered Nurse or Clinical Manager to determine a pregnancy.


All ultrasounds are performed by a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer at 7-8 weeks of pregnancy to confirm the viability of a pregnancy and determine the gestational age of the baby.  All reports are confirmed by our Ob/Gyn doctor.

Mobile Ultrasound Unit

This unit is designed to bring consulting, pregnancy tests and ultrasound services into the community.  The unit was purchased to bring these services to those who cannot come to our Center.  The Mobile Unit is also used to bring awareness of our services and ministry to the general public by its presence at local events, i.e. parades and community festivals.



Our free and confidential consulting and support services are available to women and men of any age who have questions about sex, sexual health, abstinence, STDs, abortion, and birth control OR who are facing unplanned pregnancy in their lives, whether it is for them, a friend, family member, or girlfriend. In cases of unplanned pregnancy, our consultants are available to help a woman tell her parents the difficult news and provide her and her family with the support and resources they need to make a healthy life choice.

Our consultants provide a myriad of services to our clients such as:

  • One on One Consultations either in person or via video conference
  • Parenting
  • Lactation Consultations
  • Abortion Methods and Risk Factors
  • Abortion Pill Risks and Reversal Procedure
  • Adoption Plans
  • Referrals for Catholic Charities, Immigration Advice, Legal Advice, Food Pantries, Housing, Financial Aid, Hospitals, Natural Family Planning, Nurse Family Partnership Program, Addictions, Mental Illness, Social Services
  • Post Abortion Consultations
  • Brightcourse Program – An on-line educational program on matters of budgeting, parenting, disciplining, faith, car and crib safety

Adoption Referrals & Information

Our consultants work with professional/licensed adoption agencies and provide an adoption plan/guide as a loving alternative to abortion.  Today’s laws provide for open or semi-open adoption choices where the birth parents may be as involved as they like with choosing the adoptive family and have some communication with their birth child.

STD Screening & Education

This service opens conversation with our clients regarding their personal relationships and sexuality choices.  It is designed to bring awareness to their choices regarding casual sex, the risks of sexual diseases and the importance of building a relationship built on faith, love & trust.


Abortion Recovery & Healing Support

Through prayer, compassion, kindness and love, we consult our clients on the Mercy, Love & Forgiveness of our Lord. We help them to love and forgive themselves and offer them tangible advice to heal their hearts and souls.

Material Aid

We offer a “Brightcourse” program which enables our clients to take short on-line courses in parenting, disciplining, faith, car seat & crib safety and budgeting.  By participating in this program, our clients are able to obtain material goods such as cribs, car seats, strollers, pack and plays, diapers, wipes, clothing & formula.

Educational Information

  • Pregnancy and Prenatal Care

  • The importance of an ultrasound

  • Breastfeeding

  • Nutrition

  • Prenatal Development

  •  Abortion Methods and Risk Factors (including Abortion Pills and Morning After Pills)

  • Abortion Pill Reversal Information

  • Social Services:  Food Stamps, Wic, Financial Aid, Housing, Insurance, Healthcare


A Resource for Schools & Youth

We provide speakers for youth groups and have developed a Student Ambassador Program.  Our Student Ambassadors also speak at our Churches and youth groups, organize prayer gatherings at local abortion clinics, march in local parades, and volunteer at our Center.

Community Assistance Referrals

We regularly:

  • Attend the Annual March for Life in Washington DC in January
  • Host our annual Life Choices Banquet in February
  • Host our annual Walk for Life in Merrill Park, Colonia in October
  • Conduct our on-going baby bottle campaign which includes local Churches and schools
  • Provide speakers for Churches and schools
  • Attend local community parades and festivals.


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